Q & A with Emilie

What does a typical day look like for you?  
Every day looks so different! Which is one thing that I love about my job. I love meeting new people, working on new and different projects, being challenged in different ways. Some days I snuggle up on my couch, turn on some tunes and edit the whole day. Other days I'm bouncing around town meeting with clients or running errands. And then there's shooting, in my home, around town, out of town, in a studio, at a venue. 

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"I am now 36 years old. During my most recent book tour, I wore, for the first time, clothes that made me happy. My favorite outfit was a pair of ankara-print shorts, a damask top, and yellow high-heel shoes. Perhaps it is the confidence that comes with being older. Perhaps it is the good fortune of being published and read seriously, but I no longer pretend not to care about clothes. Because I do care.
I love embroidery and texture. I love lace and full skirts and cinched waists. I love...

At Home : Inari Sweater by Emilie Anne Szabo

Emilie Anne Szabo is a photographer and stylist from Minnesota. You can find out more about Emilie and her beautiful work on her website.
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At Home / one

photography : Anna Autio
styling and knitwear : Aino Korhonen

Summer Song

photography : Esther Meinel-Zottl

Esther is a photographer and a mama of two little girls living in the Bavarian alps. Find more of her photography and images here.

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knitwear by Aino Korhonen